Reimagining and Interrogating the Role of Augmented Reality in Face-to-Face Social Interactions

What does the future of Social AR look like?
What goals should Social AR have towards supporting face-to-face and collocated interactions?
How does the future of Social AR shape and affect people’s interactions?


As augmented reality (AR) technologies become more pervasive, there is a growing interest in Social AR systems designed to support face-to-face interactions. We define Social AR as the use of AR technology to initiate, support, encourage, or mediate in-person interactions of two or more people. This technology typically involves digitally augmenting or transforming what people see or hear. However, little is known about how Social AR technologies shape and affect social interactions in face-to-face settings.At this early juncture, it is crucial to reflect and discuss the ethical, political, societal, and privacy implications of Social AR.This workshop to be held at the Conference of Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2020) aims to bring together industry practitioners and academic researchers to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Social AR.

You can read our full CSCW workshop paper here.


– What are the ethical, social, and privacy concerns around Social AR?
– How does Social AR fit into different cultural contexts?
– What opportunities does Social AR open for face-to-face conversations?
– How might Social AR violate social boundaries and personal space?
– How do we navigate issues of isolation and alienation with regards to bystanders and those without access to Social AR technology?

Who Should Consider Joining

We welcome designers, researchers, and engineers interested in articulating dystopian and utopian futures around AR that touch on issues around privacy, ethics, and the nature of social interactions.

Because this workshop will focus a lot more on the social aspects of Social AR than on its technical aspects, participants do not need to have any prior knowledge about building AR systems.

Read the call for participation for more information.