People interested in participating need to submit an application the describing the ideas they are interested in discussing in any of the following formats:

– Sketch, drawings, photos or animations
– Video of you presenting
– Presentation
– Text in the form of a position paper (max 2000 words in the format that best suits your idea)

Your submission should fully articulate a vision that explains a future of Social AR that you are excited or concerned about.  Your submission should:

1. Describe what aspects of our workshop call relate to your ideas.
2. Explain what function or purpose do you see Social AR playing in the context of face-to-face interactions? Is it about sharing, creating, playing, discovering people, or something else?
3. Think big. Focus on futuristic, speculative ideas that go beyond what current technologies do, while still maintaining some footing on reality. You do not need to specify in great detail how your idea will be implemented.
4. Identify what social, ethical, privacy, or other type of concerns your idea raises.


– Sep 24, 2020: Participation Submission Due
– Sep 29, 2020: Notification of Acceptance
– Oct 2, 2020: Prior Reading and Participants Submissions Made Available Online
– Oct 17-18, 2020: Workshop Held Online


The registration for the workshop will be $20.